13 May 2013


I am *terrible* at keeping up with my Month In Review posts, you guys.  They're mostly just for record-keeping purposes, anyway - makes it easier to find things six months from now, you know?  So anyway, here's 2013 so far:


  • couple of plastic masks for a masked ball that I ended up not attending, lol
  • was on a cruise, so not much else happened :) 




So far, for the month of May, I've been working solely on projects for my house, which you can see over on that blog.  I haven't been eventing, and I probably won't be eventing throughout the coming summer, or working on much, SCA-wise, as I'm about to be astounding low on funds until this coming fall when my financial situation will right itself again (long story, though not a huge deal in the long run).  

I will, however, be working on a new bliaut for myself, for the Fall Baronial event in October;  and I'll likely be crocheting more stuff, making more jewelry, and doing other small accessory-type projects with materials I already have on hand.  So, while posting may be sporadic, and likely not all that impressive, I'll be *here*.  See you all soon. :) 


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