28 February 2013

Look Ma, No Hands!

Well, at least not as many.  Lookee what I made:

Stamps! I paint so many lions on all my Caerleon stuff - and for other company members, too - that I finally just up and made a stamp to save myself some work.  These don't produce a finished product by any means, but they're a quick and easy way to give myself identical outlines to work with on a project with multiple lion charges (and there are always at least three).

Testing out the 2" size on a piece of scrap linen/rayon blend.

Vasilii's Russian Caerleon tunic, with two sets of three stamped lions.  This was the reason I finally made stamps, actually - I did NOT want to try to sketch out or stencil all those little bitty lions (2" high).  This took one stamp, one "second coat" of paint, and then just detailing with the red and black.  Done!



  1. Third pic's not there anymore. O.o

  2. Google/picasa's been being a dildo about pic uploads lately. Should be working now.


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