14 June 2013

It's That Time of Year Again

Boo!  Welcome back, me.  

Well, it's nearing the end of June.  This is the time of year when I always say, "I should really get x, y, and z finished this Summer at a nice, leisurely pace, so that it's all ready for event season this fall," but then I don't do a damned thing until two weeks before Fall Baronial.  Where did you say that path paved with good intentions was headed?  Oh, right. 

Still, hope is never a bad thing to have.  I don't actually have a whole lot on my plate this summer; it's just that all the projects I have are BIG ones.  The SCA projects, the home/DIY projects, landscaping projects, even a bunch of mundane sewing that I really should get to.  For the purposes of this blog, however, here's a short list of some of the stuff I'm actually excited about getting done this summer: 

  • a 6-panel wooden chest.  Two, actually: one I'd like to build from scratch, and one is a wooden toy box makeover that I'm actually halfway through.  Well begun is half done! 
  • a sun shade from a pretty tablecloth and some salvaged bunk leg legs 
  • a medieval market stall to replace my EZ-Up pavilion.  Remember all that work I did making a canvas cover for it?  The second time I set it up after that, one of the metal struts broke, and I can't get a replacement part for it - I would have to buy a new one.  So why bother, when I can just build a period one?  
  • A small leather-seated tripod stool, like this one, because I like it. 
  • A new, wooden bed for my tent, made out of the old wooden bed that I built for my bedroom at home several years ago
  • Some upgrades for my modern-almost-period pointy tent:  new guide ropes, mosquito netting for the inside, a curtain/drape to cover up the zippered door, and possibly 
  • A new cooler cover for a cube cooler 
  • A beautiful new 12th-century outfit for a couple of very cool, early medieval-themed events coming up in October and December

Not, mind you, that a thing being ON this list means that it's going to get done.  These are just things that have been on my mind since last year, mostly geared towards having a more period-feeling presence at events.  

I've got a list about this same size for the house - painting walls, repairing flooring joints, hanging light fixtures, etc. -  as well as a mundane mending pile as high as my hip, a roommate moving out, a 10-year checkup and repair list on my home...yeesh.  Suffice to say, it will either be a very busy summer for me, or a summer in which I say F* it to everything and just play video games for three months. 

See you soon...