07 October 2011

Bits 'N' Pieces For the Camp

Not that I even have a whole camp thing going on just yet.  I will, but grand plans for pavilions and things can wait - for today, I have a wee bit of furniture re-upholstery to show you. Two wee bits, actually.

Before:  a little footstool, $5 at Goodwill.  (They threw the ugly in for free). 

After: A $2 scrap of upholstery velvet I bought from a friend's fabric sale, and some gimp left over from a previous project.  

No, it isn't remotely period. But it's a cute, and useful little thing.  The legs won't even be noticed amongst all the other stuff that I hope will eventually make up one hell of an awesome, lush campsite decor.

Before: Look, it's a 15th century plastic beer cooler!  No, wait...

After: Now it's an ottoman!  Storage and extra seating, how about that?  Props to my friend Kate, from whom I stole the idea. :) 

I do plan to build a pavilion this Winter (to have ready by Gulf Wars in March), but first there's all manner of little things like this to take care of:  cushions and chair covers and tables, oh, boy! 


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