11 October 2011

Random & Sundry


Sheer natural linen batiste at my local JoAnn's...for only $24.99/yard.  Sigh.

A pair of half-sleeves I whipped up last week to wear with a dress I ended up not getting time to change into.  Blue/teal/gold with a teal lining. Good sleeve practice. And practically free, since the brocade came from a shower curtain. Heh.

Wow.  I can't decide what blows me over the most about this painting: the gorgeous dress, the beautiful green sleeves underneath it (surprise!) or that blue and gold tablecloth.  I covet that tablecloth.

Isabella of Castile, artist unknown

I love sketching clothing ideas and working out pattern logistics on paper.  My BFF gave me this nifty little grid-lined notebook that I carry with me everywhere for when I feel like drawing.

I have this navy silk...hm...

I really should get some underwear and cold-weather layers together before I start any new dresses.  Hoods, cloaks, buskins, shoes, braies...and I need a long-sleeved chemise, too.  Drat.


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  1. I covet the shower curtain brocade, those gorgeous gold buttons on the shower curtain brocade, and that blue and gold tablecloth.


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