20 October 2014

A Wee Viking Trinket For A Friend

I'm working on outfit pics from the event over the past weekend (which was AWESOME), but until then, I give you this little bit of fun...

I saw this on Pinterest:

Which isn't remotely period, but it sure is cute - and I knew when I saw it that I had to make one for a dear friend.  So I glued together a pair of wooden door hanger signs from the hobby store, shaped, sanded and painted them, and ended up with this:


back, inspired in part by one of those little
ancient Viking chess pieces

tiny deer! 

Hee.  A cute little trinket for someone I hold dear.  And he was tickled by it, which was all I was after.  :) 

Back to work now. 


17 October 2014

Purple Purple Purple

Remember this dress?

No?  That's okay, it's a few years old. It's also a few pounds too small.  At least, the top was.  I've done something nifty with it this week, an SCA Refashion, if you will.  Or if you won't, whatever.  It's already done, so :P

In a handful of hours I'm headed down to the Barony of Bjornsborg for the second annual Tournament of the Smitten Heart.  The first one, last year, was a BLAST, and I'm really looking forward to it.  Those BB'ers really know how to throw an event!

I'll be wearing this purple dress...sort of.  I'll bring pictures back from the event with me. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek:

One thing I can show, you, though - I'll also be wearing this:

SQUEE!!!  My new raven tattoo, an early birthday present to myself from myself.  I'm getting it colored in next week.  (If anyone cares, it's my fourth one. I also have a goddess on my sternum, a snake on my left forearm, and a moon and Scorpio symbol on my opposite shoulder).


06 October 2014

Busy Busy

I have TWO new costumes to show you, as soon as they're finished (both are at about 90% right now), as well as a whole BUNCH of stuff I've made for other people in recent weeks, as soon as I get the photos together.

Meanwhile, here's a simple mundane dress I banged out last night in about an hour, based on the Roman patterns that I've done recently, in some lovely hand-painted batik cotton fabric that a friend gave to me not long ago.

(I lost 10lb in September, hooray!) 

So that's cool. :)

Back soon with lots of pics!