30 September 2013

Fall Coronation 2013

1.  New cotehardie.  Deep navy silk/poly blend -  a "peachskin" weave, turned wrong-side-out to display the shiny, smooth side, rather than the fuzzy side.  Small (less than half-inch) silver buttons from elbow to wrist, and from the neckline in front all the way to the floor.

At this time, the dress doesn't actually open all the way down the front.  I was in a bit of a rush, and didn't have time to do a millionty buttonholes, so I just sewed the buttons on after closing the front seam.

Also, the dress was originally supposed to have a gray-brown faux-fur trim along the neckline and the lower hem, but I canNOT find my brown fur!!  I have no clue what happened to it! For the time being I ran a line of machine stitching in a vine pattern around the egdes of the dress;  if I ever find the fur, I'll put it on, and at that time, I'll fix the buttons down the front.

2.  Ear cauls!  These babies are getting their own blog entry!  Stay tuned!




26 September 2013


*How "jewelry" is often pronounced in Texas Ansteorra.  

I made a pretty!  

After looking at this gorgeous necklace on Pinterest for like a year, and wanting one like crazy, I finally made something kinda similar:

I DO have an iron key around here somewhere, and when I find it, I WILL put it on this necklace. Thing is, I mislaid it several months ago and am still waiting for it to turn up.

For now, I've used a medallion that I had made at the renaissance festival by the folks with the big coin-stamp machine, with a knotwork star on one side...

And a Scorpio symbol on the other. There's also a medallion jewelry plaque, just to make things jingly.

The smaller medallion is the closure, in the back, with a lobster-claw clasp that hooks to it.

The beads are a mix of green glass beads, most of them Czech glass beads in a translucent mint (from here, where I get most of my nicer jewelry supplies). They were actually FAR too bright a color for me, so I put some gloves on, covered my hands with gold nail polish, and rubbed the beads around between my hands until they were nice and randomly spotted by the gold.  I also mixed in a few scrap brass pieces and other random green glass beads.

I may wear this; but honestly, the texture of the whole necklace feels so nice in my hands, I may end up just carrying it around events to give myself something to fidget with that looks period, rather than using the pink pearl almost-paternoster that I made a few weeks ago.


Anyhow, fall Coronation is in two days!  I have a new dress!  I have a new hat!  I can't wait to show you!  But I have a VERY busy coupla days coming up, so it'll all have to wait til next week (when hopefully I'll have some decent shots of me in my new outfit).