24 January 2013


As I promised myself at the beginning of the month, I hit the ground running as soon as I got back from my cruise (after I slept for two days).  Last night I finished a HUGE project that I've had in the works for a couple of months now, which I can now deliver this weekend.  I have another small projects to finish by the first of the month for someone else, and I'll be free to dive head-first into sewing for Gulf Wars, which is in March.

It never stops, does it?

Anyhow, in the next three weeks, if all goes well, you can expect to see:

  1. Some new underwear
  2. Completion of the overhaul on the red velvet Burgundian hand-me-down
  3. a flag
  4. pictures from Candlemas, which is on Feb 2nd, which will include several outfits I've made for people for that event that I can't post about yet. :) 
  5. A pavilion cover
  6. Lots of small odds and ends for Gulf Wars

Here goes nothin'.  

Illustrations by Victor Ambrus, from "Tales of King
Arthur" by J. Riordan, Hamlyn Publishing
, 1982

23 January 2013


Whew!  Okay, for a first cruise, that was pretty awesome.  We had a fabulous time both on the ship and in Cozumel.  I very nearly did not come back.  ;)

Now.  Back to business...


11 January 2013

A Quantity of Buckram

Reading through the blog Centuries Sewing, which is awesome, and which I found through Pinterest, I realized a couple of things:

1.  I never have gotten around to experimenting with later-period kirtles, kirtles with waist seams, two-piece kirtles with detached sleeves and stiffened bodices, although I've always wanted to do so.

2.  I have a crap-ton of buckram in my stash.  I'd completely forgotten about it until the other night when I cleaned up my craft room a bit (craft items and other things tend to drift into piles in the corners, like snow or sand - does that happen to you?), and found (among other long-lost things) a pretty good sized stack of buckram, recieved from a friend at a de-stash gathering some months ago.  It's old.  Old enough to have yellowed around the corners.  But most of it is in good, usable shape, and would be perfect for interlining a bodice, be it boned or not.

And besides, what better excuse to buy more velvet?  Nah...too heavy.  A lightweight wool would be perfect, but I'm allergic to wool.  So it's either a synthetic alternative, or linen again.  Some more.  (Don't get me wrong, I love linen, but it's not perfect for everything, yanno?)

Anyhow, I have WAY too much to do between now and Gulf War in mid-March to even consider starting a new outfit project right now.  I have underwear to sew, and chair covers, and a small shade pavilion cover!  I'll show you.

After I get back from my CRUISE.  MWAHAHAHA.


09 January 2013


Yup, still here.  I'm been up to my ears in mundane holiday junk, family stuff, and preparations for Candlemas - for other people - so I haven't had much to post.  But today I do!

Actually, this is an ongoing Thing....two ongoing Things, actually.

1.   Crown Tournament is this coming Saturday.  Normally that's not something I'd be very excited over - as much as I think that event should be a big deal to the entire populace, it's ...just a tournament.  Whackings and smackings happen, and then everyone goes home.  But this time, they're making a day-long shindig out of it!  During the day there are classes and A&S workshops, a luncheon, the tournament itself, a potluck dinner, court after, and then a masked ball!

I only had a few days to throw this together (yes, I've had over a month to prepare, why do you ask?), and hardly any funds at all.  Except for the mask base itself, everything else that went into this project I already had lying around.

Exhibit A. 

$2.99, yo.
  • plastic football fan mask (??), three bucks
  • plain white craft glue - for the raised relief vines and leaves
  • Gold metallic spray paint
  • Liquid Leaf gold leafing paint
  • Red nail polish (the left eye, and the wee pomegranate in the design on the left (gold) side)

no shit: glue
  • Lightweight gold drapery fabric scraps, left over from another project, for the ruffle
  • Gold metallic braid, also left over from another project
  • Hot glue
  • broken plastic button as a centerpiece
  • ribbon for the sides, to tie around the back of my head

Here's the one I made for Vasilii - muuuuuch simpler!  It looks a bit luchador to me, but the border design was actually inspired by a Russian shield (for which I have no documentation, but hey, it's a plastic football mask)!  A sharpie marker, a gold paint pen, and some spray-clear.  

For some reason, I've had songs from Phantom of the Opera stuck in my head all week. 

ANYWAY.   I will have pictures from the event and the ball!  I'll even try to get them up the next day, but if I don't, it'll be over a week until I do, because...