10 April 2014

The Old Switcherooni (March Sewing Challenge)

Well, this post is late, and the blue corset I had named as my March Sewing Challenge project still isn't finished (hand-sewn eyelets are time-consuming, and I'm making like three thousand of them). 

So I'm cheating, sort of - technically I DID make this outfit from start to finish in March, even though I hadn't planned to feature it:  

A viking "apron dress with straps in a V
configuration at the back, for a friend. 

Decorative contrast stitching on all the seams, the top and
bottom edges, and arrows on the straps (the recipient is an archer). 

Decorative band of rows of stitches along the lower hem...and
Daisy's butt, which she manages to get into like 98% of my photos. 

Ta-da?   I think so.  She loved it. :) 

More on the corset soon, I hope!