31 July 2012

Wheeeeeere's Madylyne?

Sick as crap!  OMG!  What I thought two weeks ago was a little cold, or possibly just more-severe-than-usual allergies turned out to be a deep bronchial infection, which has resulted in not one but TWO ER visits, and enough bottles of pills on my bathroom counter to open my own pharmacy part-time.

Needless to say, I haven't been working on anything.  :P

I am, however, on the mend - returning to work tomorrow, in fact, and to my projects later this week.  August is only minutes away, it seems, and with it comes the pre-Event Season rush to make sure we're all set up.  Ergo, coming soon:

  • pics of the latest Japanese Badassery concocted for a friend
  • new sleeves for me to dress up an old gown
  • company/household uniforms for Vasilii and I
  • new Russian shirts for Vasilii, who got new armor and needs new clothes to go with it
  • a long overdue A&S project and some faux painting
  • armor!  (wait, armor??  It's not what you think)
  • a new tent, and some campsite bling
  • whatever else people throw at me the last minute, lol.  ;) 

Right now, though, I'mma take a nap.  


17 July 2012

A Very Small Project

Anybody getting tired of Sir John yet?  ;)

This is an honor shield I painted for him last night.  They hang these things to announce tournament pairings for some tournaments (and I wish they'd do it for all of them. It's a really nifty practice, and one of those Little Things that really adds to the overall mood at an event!)

6" across at the top.  acrylics on plywood

I printed out the lion badge and traced it onto the primed wood with
sewing tracing paper! 

the chalk lines from the paper brushed right off - once the black
outlines were done, that is.  

four coats of blue paint later...   I painted the white chief and badge as well, so
that the paint finish would match (and not just leave the white primer
showing through).   The back is painted solid blue; and the whole thing
is sealed with spray-on polycrylic.   

14 July 2012

Hold, Please

I haven't done anything with that new belt hardware yet, for two reasons:

  1. I've been trying to find the gems I need to put into it, but I can't seem to find anything in exactly the right size.  Argh! 
  2. I've been busting my butt on the latest project for a friend - pics coming as soon as I can get some, probably later next week.  Woohoo!  

Meanwhile, I've changed the look of the blog a bit.  If you read my posts in a reader of some type, would you do me a favor, and actually click this post to view it on my blog and tell me what you think?  Thanks.  :)