17 July 2012

A Very Small Project

Anybody getting tired of Sir John yet?  ;)

This is an honor shield I painted for him last night.  They hang these things to announce tournament pairings for some tournaments (and I wish they'd do it for all of them. It's a really nifty practice, and one of those Little Things that really adds to the overall mood at an event!)

6" across at the top.  acrylics on plywood

I printed out the lion badge and traced it onto the primed wood with
sewing tracing paper! 

the chalk lines from the paper brushed right off - once the black
outlines were done, that is.  

four coats of blue paint later...   I painted the white chief and badge as well, so
that the paint finish would match (and not just leave the white primer
showing through).   The back is painted solid blue; and the whole thing
is sealed with spray-on polycrylic.   

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