08 September 2016


So this is a thing that is happening now:

I'm moving house! Disassembling my sewing room and packing it all up was one of the first "Holy cow, this is REAL" moments.  I feel like an arm's been cut off.  (I feel the same way about having packed up my guitars and music, actually. Thank goodness my bikes are still out and ride-able!)

So what's next? All the stress. All the worry. Tons of work, in my old house and the new place. And as soon as I get landed and set up, I have a dress to make in a BIG hurry for Bjornsborg's Tournament of Lions on October 21st.  (Back up plan: attend the event in jeans and/or naked?)

Hopefully this will all go smoothly, and I'll have new craft room pictures for you in a couple of weeks.

Wish me luck!