20 March 2013

Back From War!

Sore, tired, swollen, scraped, and sunburnt!  AHHH.

Sir John photobombing a pic of me and my friend Elena  :)

More to come; including war projects, how I won the Shopping War Point for Ansteorra, and what's next for this gal over the coming months!


06 March 2013

Another Mask

Another $2 plastic mask, in fact, for the masked ball Wednesday night at Gulf War:

The black and gold floral design is the way it came from the store;  I filled in around the designs with gold nail polish on the gold side, and highlighted the black curls in a deep red polish;  then did the same on the black side with teal sparkle nail polish, lol.   Glued some rhinestones here and there (blue on the black side and red on the gold side), and then a forest green ribbon all the way around (during which process I proceeded to get hot glue EVERYWHERE and burn nearly all of my fingertips), and a green ribbon to tie it around my head.


04 March 2013

15th Century French Cigarette Case?

Step One:  Before  

Mine was black with skulls all over it.
It was pretty cool, but it was also worn around the edges and really faded. 

Step two: Inspiration

French manuscript case, 4x3", early 1500s
Tortoise shell and ivory
Metropolitan Museum

Step Three: supplies already on hand

Et Voila:  

Sorry for the blurriness - I'm back to phone pics until I can figure out wtf picasa is smoking these days.

1 plastic cig case
black spray paint
3 plastic buttons, spray painted almond
gold paint marker
7 "pewter" plastic beads
embroidery floss, 6-strand braided cord (and yes, the box slides up and down on the cord, and opens properly).

Not bad for a bunch of plastic crap.



Two More Purses

Well, this past weekend was Gulf War Prep weekend.  I kid you not, I sewed for eleven hours on Saturday (with a two hour lunch break), and another eight on Sunday, after which I spent about three more hours painting things.

I have a LOT of finished projects to show you; the first of which are both of the embroidered purses I started several months ago.

The Pomegranate Purse

From September:

Three shades of red, green; lined with red linen, and finished with gold tassels and tie, through a simple casing and buttonholes at the front. 

The Blue Velvet Purse

From November:

Blue velvet (actual just uncut corduroy), lined with light blue linen;  gold stars, green leaves, red flowers, and a pomegranete in the center on each side;  blue lattice to match the fabric, and finished with a turquoise ribbon tie and turquoise tassels.  There's also a a hidden cellphone pocket inside this one.