04 March 2013

15th Century French Cigarette Case?

Step One:  Before  

Mine was black with skulls all over it.
It was pretty cool, but it was also worn around the edges and really faded. 

Step two: Inspiration

French manuscript case, 4x3", early 1500s
Tortoise shell and ivory
Metropolitan Museum

Step Three: supplies already on hand

Et Voila:  

Sorry for the blurriness - I'm back to phone pics until I can figure out wtf picasa is smoking these days.

1 plastic cig case
black spray paint
3 plastic buttons, spray painted almond
gold paint marker
7 "pewter" plastic beads
embroidery floss, 6-strand braided cord (and yes, the box slides up and down on the cord, and opens properly).

Not bad for a bunch of plastic crap.




  1. Fairly freakin' awesome. :)

  2. That is distinctive, man! wherever did you get the concept of turning AN recent iPod icon into a roll of tobacco case? My friend really lost his smoke case throughout a celebration. and that i thought of sharing this idea to him, thus he'll have another smoke case. =)
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  3. Such an stylish selection you have! Awesome information. I never used either, but I lately came across a magnificently handmade smoke situation, of a much later classic than yours are, and was influenced to buy it.Thank you for telling this to us!Cigarette Case


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