04 March 2013

Two More Purses

Well, this past weekend was Gulf War Prep weekend.  I kid you not, I sewed for eleven hours on Saturday (with a two hour lunch break), and another eight on Sunday, after which I spent about three more hours painting things.

I have a LOT of finished projects to show you; the first of which are both of the embroidered purses I started several months ago.

The Pomegranate Purse

From September:

Three shades of red, green; lined with red linen, and finished with gold tassels and tie, through a simple casing and buttonholes at the front. 

The Blue Velvet Purse

From November:

Blue velvet (actual just uncut corduroy), lined with light blue linen;  gold stars, green leaves, red flowers, and a pomegranete in the center on each side;  blue lattice to match the fabric, and finished with a turquoise ribbon tie and turquoise tassels.  There's also a a hidden cellphone pocket inside this one.



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