15 November 2012

Another Embroidered Pouch

No, I'm not finished with the first one yet.  Almost.

I just got in a mood.  The same friend from whom I got the navy velveteen I wrote about yesterday sent me home from her de-stash party with a big, blue, Ikea bag FULL of fabric.  In it was a couple of small pieces of royal-blue, uncut/wale-less corduroy (I know, I know, me and my blue "velvet").  I decided to embroider another pouch.

I started it yesterday; here are a few pics of the first stages:

sketching out the design with a watercolor pencil

blocking out the placement of the various elements.
Honest, I didn't lay the erasers and pins all facing outward intentionally,
LOL, that just happened to be the way they landed. 

I started with green - all the leaves.  The finished pouch will be covered
with flowers and stars, with my heraldic pomegranate in the very center. 

More news as the situation develops...


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