20 November 2012


BAM was awesome!   And what'd I do?  I posted hint-pictures of the new outfit I made for myself for court, and promised real pics, and then didn't manage to come home with a single shot of me IN the dress (because I was a dipshit and left my camera sitting at home on the charger instead of taking it to the event. ARGH).  

The only pic of me that happened over the weekend, was this one, as far as I know: 

me in my Caerleon uniform

I finally located the circlet I thought I'd lost and started wearing it this weekend.  New hair, too, not that there's a picture of it, though, because I suck.  I was extremely pleased with my hair at the event, for once.  

Soon as I can get a pic of that new court outfit I'll post it.  :/  


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