25 June 2012

It's Here It's Here It's Here!

My belt buckle and strap end set from Armour & Castings!  It's here!

Isn't that GORGEOUS?  I heart it like burning.  Hand-cast brass copies of an extant early 15th century English design.  I'm not exactly sure what this design is called, but it looked pomegranate-y enough for my purposes that I'm calling it my pomegranate belt set.  (My device has pomegranates in it. I'll post the design when it passes final registration).

There's another version on the website with red glass "jewels" in the empty spaces:

It was ten dollars extra for the glass, and red was the only option available - which is * beautiful*, don't get me wrong - but I wanted other colors.   I'm going to get some mirror-backed glass jewels from the hobby store (where they sell a package of like a million for four dollars), and customize this with red, blue, and green gems in the empty spaces, and a clear one right in the center of the strap end.

Later this week, that is.  For right now, I have to go work on some armor. More on that later this week, too. :)



  1. Pssst..it's called a chape. :P You're putting me to shame, even being sick. I can't finish one stupid kirtle. *sighs*

  2. That design? Thanks! :D

    Oh, hon - this was way before I was sick, lol.

  3. Not the design, but the thing on the end that doesn't have the buckle.

  4. Ohhh, okay. The tip for the end of the belt, you mean.


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