10 June 2012

Contents: One Finished Bliaut

Wanna see some really crappy photographs of a really cool dress?


My camera takes really good pictures.  In a mirror, though, in a badly-lit room, of a dark navy-blue dress?  Not so much.   Sorry.

Front neckline, trim, and visible "cotehardie" underneath (which is all rumpled for some reason, and I didn't notice it until just now, hehe).   

Don't recognize the blue cotehardie?  That's because it's new, too - and actually, it isn't a cotehardie: 

Have I mentioned how flippin' HOT it is here in central Ansteorra?  We're talking 115º last Summer - and that's without the heat index.  And it's already hitting 100-103º here at the beginning of June.  Oy.  So, rather than wear *four* layers in this heat  - braies, chemise, under-dress, over-dress -  I'm leaving out the chemise entirely for the summer, and now have only two layers:  this crop-top fake cotehardie and a pair of braies,  and my over-dress - in this case, the navy bliaut. (Or, best case scenario: just the braies and a full cotehardie).  The crop-cote gives me sleeves and a neckline to show underneath an over-dress, but not an extra layer of fabric from shoulders to ankles.  Whew. 

And actually, I have another heat-buster idea, but that'll be its own blog post. 

Meanwhile:  blunt upholstery needle FTW.  This is how I lace myself into my laced cotes - this thing slides right through eyelets and buttonholes, without catching the fabric or stitching.  I've tried aglets on the ends of my laces, and I have yet to have them last more than one wearing - they pull off the lace, they bend, they tear out stitching around the eyelet or buttonhole, and they poke and scratch my skin when I tuck the lace-ends inside my dress.  No thank you. 

I'm wearing the bliaut to Dance Revel tonight; hopefully I can persuade someone to take better pictures of me in it.  :) 



  1. I love the crop-top faux under-layer. So clever! And the upholstery needle trick is awesome. I've done that before.

  2. OMG SOMEBODY ACTUALLY READS THIS?? *ahem* I mean, thank you! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing your idea of fake under dress. I am making my first ball gown for historical ball and I was wondering how to prevent to get too hot in my dress and now I do. Thank you. You really have make my day. :)

    (I but a link to you blog on mine, when I write about my fake dress, so my readers will know where I did get the idea)

  4. Thanks, Cat! I'm glad you liked it. Good luck on your ballgown! :)

  5. I live in central Atenveldt (code for Hell) and have the same issue with ridiculous temperatures. I like the idea of the fake cote! I usually sew fake under-sleeves and fake underdress & chemise edges in the neck line. I can't stand having more than one layer in the underarms here. I've been fiddling around with ideas to make the fake sleeve and neck inserts detachable so i can still wear a real underdress in the event I am somewhere that has more to offer than hot and inferno as far as temperatures go


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