26 September 2013


*How "jewelry" is often pronounced in Texas Ansteorra.  

I made a pretty!  

After looking at this gorgeous necklace on Pinterest for like a year, and wanting one like crazy, I finally made something kinda similar:

I DO have an iron key around here somewhere, and when I find it, I WILL put it on this necklace. Thing is, I mislaid it several months ago and am still waiting for it to turn up.

For now, I've used a medallion that I had made at the renaissance festival by the folks with the big coin-stamp machine, with a knotwork star on one side...

And a Scorpio symbol on the other. There's also a medallion jewelry plaque, just to make things jingly.

The smaller medallion is the closure, in the back, with a lobster-claw clasp that hooks to it.

The beads are a mix of green glass beads, most of them Czech glass beads in a translucent mint (from here, where I get most of my nicer jewelry supplies). They were actually FAR too bright a color for me, so I put some gloves on, covered my hands with gold nail polish, and rubbed the beads around between my hands until they were nice and randomly spotted by the gold.  I also mixed in a few scrap brass pieces and other random green glass beads.

I may wear this; but honestly, the texture of the whole necklace feels so nice in my hands, I may end up just carrying it around events to give myself something to fidget with that looks period, rather than using the pink pearl almost-paternoster that I made a few weeks ago.


Anyhow, fall Coronation is in two days!  I have a new dress!  I have a new hat!  I can't wait to show you!  But I have a VERY busy coupla days coming up, so it'll all have to wait til next week (when hopefully I'll have some decent shots of me in my new outfit).


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