04 October 2011

The"Ikea Cotehardie" (Assembly Required)

Still haven't managed to get a photo of the black côte (and accessories) that I put together for the Fall baronial event in September; but I do have shots from Coronation last weekend! 

Vasilii & I
 (I was, by the way, seriously mad at my veil situation that day.  I forgot my freaking barbette, so I had to try to pin the thing directly to my hair, which was too clean and unruly to stay in one place for long.  I have since put together a basket o' headgear to keep ALL my veil and hat supplies together so I can just grab it and go, so I won't ever forget a piece again!)

grey linen from Ikea, via a friend. 
black decorative stitching, nifty sleeve linings to peek out

the garnet/silver necklace I made for this

altering the pattern DOWN a size & a half! :D


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  1. It's all to die for, especially that necklace!


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