28 September 2011

Василий Алексеев

WHEW!  The Fall baronial event was A W E S O M E.  I'm still sorting through photos and things, so I'll update about that soon, but in the meantime...

As promised, here's a quick run-down of the stuff I've made for my b/f, Vasilii Alexeev, a 15th century nobleman from eastern Russia: 

Vasilii's striva, or long undershirt (the neckline of which is not really correct; but e'll get to that in another post)...and pants.

Armpit gusset in the shirt that goes all the way down to the hem of the shirt (instead of just being a little diamond- or square-shaped insert in the armpit).  Classic Russian?  No. But it does give him a great range of movement for fighting. 

His shuba, which is a "light weight," fur-lined, knee-length coat, open at the top and closed below the waist.  Fur-lined? In Texas??  Hell no.  But I did trim the sleeves, hem, and front opening so that it looks like a fur lining peeking out.

With a faux-fur blanket I picked up on clearance at Target for $6, by the way.  Score! 

A close-up of the front button placket, trim, loops, buttons, and a tiny bit of the faux-fur "lining" peeking out. 

The "lining" is a bit thicker and fuzzier at the sleeve cuffs and around the lower hem of the shuba.

Vasilii can has hat. Same blanket-fur on the band.

While Vasilii's court gear is primarily red, black, and gold, most of his fighting stuff is dark blue.This is just a simple, long over-tunic, not embellished. We keep meaning to get around to dressing up the front placket and the cuffs/hems...



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