21 September 2011


While out shopping for fabric for a new pair of fighting pants and over-tunic for my awesome b/f Vasilii (don't worry, posts about his Russian costumes forthcoming), I happened across this jewel:

$3 a yard on clearance.  SCORE!
And the picture sucks, because it was taken with my phone, but it's a gorgeous deep red-velvet-cake red with navy blue and forest green  and gold.  Love!

"SLEEVES!" I thought, as I bought an entire yard.  Extravagant, yeah?  LOL.  No wait - two yards.  Now I'm regretting not getting the whole piece - I think I left like 3/4y at the store, and I wish I hadn't.

But it's enough for a pair of cool sleeves...

Rogier Van der Weyden, Braque family triptych 1450

Or for an entire bodice, if I wanted to do a kirtle/côte with a waist seam, with a contrast skirt and maybe an awesome kirtle underneath in a contrast fabric...

from the Moreel family triptych, Hans Memling, 1484

Or maybe the top (or bottom) half of rockstar sideless surcote?

 Or five tote bags?  LOL.  I have no idea. I'll figure it out.  :)



  1. Just so you know, the Memling things aren't bodices. Those are overdresses, with the skirts of the underdresses hiked up over them, so they just look like bodices.

  2. I do know. The pics are meant as inspiration for ME, that's all. I'm not doing an art review, here. ;)

  3. ETA: Er, rather, not trying to analyze HER dress IN the art, I meant to say. :)

  4. Well, it would be more of a costume/clothing construction review, lol. You'd be amazed at some of the misconceptions about 14th and 15th C dresses based on paintings and tapestries. For a long time, you saw gowns made with the front shorter than the back...because people would see tapestries and paintings similar to these http://farm1.static.flickr.com/100/309573572_427e53f41d_o.jpg and http://pics.livejournal.com/sbuchler/pic/000edgcp/s640x480 and couldn't figure out that the skirt is rucked up in front.

  5. We cross-posted. LOL. Also, if I may make a comment on the fabric...my personal view is that it's too modern a pattern for SCA, but as we say, YMMV. <3

  6. Eesh - I know, I've seen some online. I'll see if I can find a link to this, but, it took me *forever* to figure out that the "bundle of fabric tied around the hips for no reason, and by the way, HOW is that not falling down?" in some artwork was actually a woman's cloak that'd been hiked up and then pinned or tucked up into her belt in the front. Ah, here, like this: http://d30opm7hsgivgh.cloudfront.net/upload/217146684_UtvxkuO1_c.jpg That was the first image I found where it was CLEARLY the woman's cloak. I went back and looked at some others after I found that, and the lightbulb over my head was so big it burned my brain. o_o

  7. re: Fabric pattern: yeah, the more I look at it, the more I'm thinking that, too. I was dazzled by the color scheme, but...eh. Idk. If I use it it'll have to be for an awesome, but small detail, where that might not be as apparent.

  8. I would make a great bag of some kind, or chair pads...or even cooler cover where it doesn't have to be quite so...period...

  9. Ooh. Maybe a carry-bag for my guitar and recorders, and a matching music folder bag!


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