22 February 2013

I Am Altering the Dress. Pray I Do Not Alter It Any Further.

It's almost Gulf War, which means it's time for alllll the alterations.  This one concerns my red linen cotehardie with the navy blue trim:

This was a neat dress, and I wore it often until I (a) ripped the hem one day, and then (b) harvested the buttons to use on something else.  I'd since fixed the hem, but it was, until recently, still buttonless, and still trimmed in blue.

The blue was because I was going to make a pair of red/blue oversleeves to wear with this, but I never got around to it.

I stripped off the blue trim and replaced it with red linen to match the body of the dress, replaced the gold buttons with silver ones I took off the Ikea Cotehardie, and then trimmed the neckline and sleeves with faux fur!

The fur's awfully rumply in this pic, I apologize.  It's cut from a brown faux fur blanket I bought on clearance at Target last year for six dollars....and then promptly lost.  It was in one of my fabric boxes the whole time.  So it's a bit smushed.  A quick run through the dryer will fluff it right back up again, though.




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