23 November 2011

Red Côte for Yule

Tada.  *yawn*  I'm getting a bit tired of cranking these out, though they're awfully nice to wear.  Easy, comfy, warm when they need to be, cool when they don't.

Plain red...mostly.

The neckline and sleeves are trimmed in navy blue.  There was originally going to be a wide band of the same color around the bottom of the dress, until I started putting it together and discovered that I'd neglected to cut out *one* of the trim pieces, and was out of fabric.  Fail.

It's hard to see in this picture (phone + mirror = not a great combo), but the buttons are arranged in groups of three. In between each set is a hidden hook & eye.

Navy trim.

This is going to be my outfit for Yule Revel.

If I get time between now and then, I'm going to make myself a liripipe hood to wear with this.

These are the buttons.  From BrazenButton.com


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