27 November 2011

Because hoodies are cool.

I'm currently making myself a liripipe hood!  It goes a little something like this: 

The Medieval Taylor

Is that not awesome?  I love it!  I've wanted one forever, but it's only now getting to be the time of year (here) where I might need some extra warmth at events. 

The liripipe on mine is going to be loooong - I fully intend to be able to tuck this baby into my belt, wrap it around my head or my neck, or maybe put marbles into the end and smack people.  Maybe. 

Kat's Hats
  I recently learned that this wonderful weirdness evolved out of the liripipe hood.  There's a way you can roll up the "face" part and leave the shoulder cape hanging off to one side and the 'pipe sticking out the top, and it looks like this. Apparently folks loved it so much they started building a look-alike on a big puffy stuffed roll - because even in the 14th century, your hat had to be more epic than everyone else's, hehe. 

Incidentally, while there is a proper name for this hat, I can never seem remember it in conversation, for whatever reason (it's chaperon, I looked).  Maybe there's a hole in that part of my brain, and it falls out, the way things do when I put them in the left side of my crappy old purse.  I have a friend who rocks a really fabulous hat like this.  I call it his Pile-of-Laundry Hat, because it makes him laugh. :o)

Mine's brown linen on the outside, leftover from a dress I made in January for my very first Serious Event (Candlemas, and no you can't have a picture, it was hideous).  

The innards are a light, muted blue with a bit of a jacquard weave, from an old set of sheets I had a piece of just big enough to make a hood with.  

I'm going to button up the front, but I haven't decided yet what kind of buttons to use.  At some point I reached the stage where I have approximately two frillion côtehardie buttons just sitting around left over from projects, so I'll probably end up using some of them.  Maybe the silver ones from my gray linen côte. 

Who knows?


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