08 November 2011

Month In Review

I was going to start doing these monthly to make it easier to find things at a glance, and also to keep track of everything I've been doing, and the workload I make for myself.  This is the first one I've remembered to do, hehe.

October 2011
Started blue cloth buttons for long blue sleeves
Started a little wooden sewing box
New barbette (2) and fillet cap
Lute bag/carrying case
Blue/teal half sleeves with gold/crystal buttons
Small red footstool for camp
Grey linen côtehardie
Patterned a friend of mine for a fitted, supportive côte...and forgot to take pics or write about it  :)

September 2011
Black côtehardie & embroidered/pearled veil & wimple for Fall Baronial choral performance
New linen fighting shirt for Vasilii, with padded shoulders to help prevent armor bites
Added faux-fur trim to Vasilii's red shuba
Second pair of [black] pants for Vasilii
Made a few necklace/earring sets to wear with garb
Started this blog!  :D

next project...


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