28 November 2011

Pics or It Didn't Happen

Though I haven't had time to take pics and make actual blog posts this week, I am actually getting things done.  (It didn't help that I was deathly ill most of the week, which required a lot of video game playing).


  • red dress for Yule
  • brown linen liripipe hood, also for Yule

Next Up

  • A friend of mine gave me the most gorgeous white silk, tissue-fine, to use for veil stuff. 
  • I picked up a really nice, soft, white cotton sheet at a thrift store recently that I plan to use for a proper chemise/undergown/scooting around camp dress/nightgown. 
  • Another thrift store score:  a white linen blouse with a pretty embroidered edge that I plan to make into a coif.
  • A couple of period-ish gift items I'm making, which I'll write about here after they're no longer a surprise. :) 

The Big Next Thing

  • The next big event is a big one - our baronial Candlemas event, which is a pretty serious deal.  It's also my SCA-a-versary--one whole year! I'm so excited about the outfit I have planned, and I have nearly all the materials and bits to make it ready to go.  Just need to sit my butt down and get to work. 


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