07 November 2011

An event report and some long-promised pictures

Vasilii and I traveled to the Shire of Rosenfeld this past weekend for their Three Orders/Tournament of the Cross event.   It was our first one (as is everything this first year), and it was SO much fun, exciting, and the site was SO beautiful!

Here are Vasilii and I - and that black côtehardie I made for Fall Baronial in September that I never got around to photographing!

He made the belt for me - is this not the cutest buckle? <3

The green velvet (velour) sleeves I made to wear with the dress for this event, for court.  Green "velvet" (velour) to match the trim on the dress, and lined with a wine-colored polyester-silk blend.

One of the prettiest site tokens I've seen so far!  I pinned it to my dress Saturday; I think I might make it into some jewelry.

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