03 November 2011

When last we met...

..the wooden sewing box I was working on, it was about here:

 Faux-bois "stain" done with acrylic craft paints (more in the first entry).

The next step was gold outlines on the design, and some color:

photo subt. "Oh, crap, I almost forgot to take a 'before' picture."

After about two days of this, while sitting in front of the TV, you have a...

I do plan to paint something inside the central "frame" here, I'm just not sure what, yet.

The inside is lined with some green velour scraps I had lying around, for cushioning and for pretty. :)

the pocket is in the wrong place, but whatever. 


I'm all set now, with a cute little box to store my sewing things in when I go to events. Now I just have to try not to sit on it and break it, or something.


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