27 November 2011

Meanwhile, somewhere in the land of lost packages...

So, I ordered some awesome fabric...a while ago.  It hasn't come in yet.  It's not cause for serious alarm or off-pissedness or anything just yet, but I am a bit concerned.  I emailed the company last week to ask for the FedEx tracking number so I could check with FedUp about it, but I haven't gotten an email response.  And granted, last week was Thanksgiving week, and it IS entirely possible that the company was shut down for the whole week.  So we'll see how it turns out.

FedEx is currently standing between me and a fabulous dress.  We wants it, Precioussss.



  1. Sorry! I swear I got my fabric SO fast. This is where I got the blue fabric for the sideless, and the stuff I want to make a Turkish Hirka out of.

  2. Hi, you! :) Yeah, I got a notice Tuesday that my order was processing" - maybe they're just busy this time of year or something.


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