20 February 2013

Yea, and A Purse To Put It Into

If you've been reading, you know I'm [still] in the middle of embroidering two purses for myself.  There's no deadline there;  they're my "sitting around at an event and need something to do with my hands" projects.

But I DID need a new purse.  The one I had was just a big circle with a drawstring, made out of a scrap of red polyester microfiber.  I loved the shape and size, and ease of use.  I did not love that it was falling apart, because I carry it everywhere.

So, last night, after altering *two* dresses to fit, and finishing a third (more on all three later this week), I replaced my worn red circle-pouch with a new one:

This one's BRIGHT RED cotton velveteen, given to me by a friend, with a plain white cord drawstring, and machine embroidered, just for a little extra sumpn-sumpn.

That took a long.    freaking.    time.


As I said, I'll have clothing updates soon.   Also, this weekend is the Tournament of the Smitten Heart, in Bjornsborg.  Will I remember to take pictures this time?  ***drumroll***


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