15 April 2013

The Brown Italian

Whipped this up at the last minute before Elfsea Defender, a couple of weeks ago, with the brown linen I purchased at Gulf Wars in March:

The sleeves are too loose, and hang all weird, and the camicia I wore with this isn't poofy enough in the sleeves to come through the slits and openings in the sleeves;  but I love the way the body came out.

Minor adjustments to the sleeves have already been made; I'll likely wear this again at Coronation in two weeks.

I tried something with this fabric that I saw on Pinterest; when I washed up the linen to pre-shrink it, I also added a cup of plain, white vinegar, as well as about an eight of a cup of hair conditioner to the wash.  It came out SO SOFT!  I've used this linen before, from the same manufacturer and vendor, and it's usually scratchy and stiff, but the vinegar/conditioner combo worked like a dream!

This is Hank. Hank wants more peppermints. 

And here we have Madylyne the Horsey Person!

I've been longing to meet the horses and equestrian folks at SCA events, but for a long time I was afraid to just walk up and speak to people I didn't know.  At Elfsea Defender, a friend escorted and introduced me, and not only did I get to meet, pet, and feed the horses, I also had some very nice chats with the equestrian crowd about getting involved and helping out!

I contacted a local barn as soon as I got back, about some riding lessons;  I actually need to call them back today and get something scheduled, since today's payday, hehe.


I need a Boy Outfit for riding.  Whee!



  1. I love it! I need to make myself an Italian with a gap in the front, like in the portraits. Did you use lacing rings on yours? And if so, what kind?

    1. Oh, no! For some reason I never saw this comment, I'm sorry!! Yes, I stitched on metal lacing rings by hand, and I always hated it. I just updated this dress and that was one of the things I changed - it'll be on the front page momentarily.

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