29 April 2013

Silk Banner 1.0, Part 1

Sunday night:

  • Cartoon plotted out and sketched
  • Silk sketched
Monday night: 
  • stretching frame built, from lumber given to me by a friend (it was meant to become a raised bed for my vegetable garden, but it's Yellawood - which means chemically treated, so no good for my organic gardening efforts)
  • Silk stretched onto frame (with thumbtacks and a hammer, and remind me next time to go and buy the three-pronged flat tacks that you're supposed to use with these.  I like those much better). 
  • Outlines of device drawn in black, water-based gutta

Eee!  I can't wait to start painting it!  The color scheme is simple: black, white, red, and green.  I know the black and red, and probably the green, are going to take at least two coats each, if not three.  I have to remember to start with the white field on the left first, as I was taught (because accidental bleedover is easy to cover up when white gets onto what will eventually be a red field, for example).  

For now, though, while the gutta is drying, I'm off to make some small adjustments to the brown Italian dress so that I can wear it this weekend, and throw a bunch of my other dresses into a gentle wash with a whole bunch of hair conditioner to soften up the linen.  It works great. :) 


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