01 May 2013

Silk Banner 1.0, Part 2

The banner is finished!  Okay, well, more of a flag...and there's actually a proper, period term for this kind of flag, but I can't remember it for the life of me. But HERE IT IS:


  • one yard of 45" white silk charmeuse
  • Dye-na-flow paints
  • black Pebeo gutta (resist)                              ...all from Dharma Trading Co. 
  • a tapestry hanger that I think is actually Balinese; I've had it forever
  • a scrap length of gold trim that I just pinned in place on the hanger

The finished flag is 20"x25";  you can see in the picture above that I set it up in the corner of the fabric.  The extra space around it got painted, too:  I'm not ready to show it off yet, but I painted part of the extra silk red, and other parts black, and made both a small pennant to fly from the top of my tent, and a long, thin, silk belt to wear with my leather ones.  :)  More on those later. 


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