28 May 2013

OHAI LOOK I...never mind.

So, I ordered this fabric a few weeks ago.  It was a rayon challis jacquard, and while I knew the design had paisleys in it, from the pic on the website, they looked pretty hidden in the design.  In fact, the design looked so subtle, I didn't think you'd notice there WAS a design until you got right up close.

But then this (finally) came in the mail today:

Don't get me wrong, it's GORGEOUS.  But the fabric is insanely shiny, and both the paisleys and the giant roses that I somehow had either not noticed or forgotten were there catch the like like crazy and it's basically all you can see.

Soooo not SCA-able.  Into the stash of "WTF do I make with this?" it goes.  My roommate suggested a cocktail dress, but, when the heck do I ever need anything like that?  I don't go anywhere I'd need a cocktail dress.  But I have no clue what else I'd do with it.  I'll figure it out someday.



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