12 January 2012

More Hoodie Goodness

I whipped this up last night with the tapestry fabric I found in September, and the leftover green linen from the over-gown I'm working on for Candlemas.  I altered the aubergine gown to fit better the night before last; I'm planning on wearing this hood with it, and probably Kress' gray microfiber cloak, to Ansteorra's Crown Tourney this weekend in Seawinds (Corpus Christi).  It's supposed to be in the low 60s, which you might not balk at, but I freeze below 70º (and I get really bitchy when I'm cold, LOL).

mmm, sparkly.   buttons removed from blue paisley
, since they're too small anymore

no pincushion at work + bunch of stuffed rats from Ikea on
my desk = rat pincushion.   Hee. :) 


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