23 January 2012


The opashen is finished!  And it looks fabulous with a  Far Side t-shirt and camo shorts, don't you think?  LOL.

Yay, yay, yay.  It fits wonderfully, and came out exactly as I'd planned, and Vasilii loves it.  The front edge still needs to be pressed flat, but it's done!

This is definitely court-only or outdoor-cold-weather clothing. It was 80º today. In January.  

Opasheni were worn with the arms through the sleeve-slits, as shown above, usually when the garment was buttoned up; or just draped over the shoulders like this second picture. \

I should have taken a picture of him walking around in it, with all that fabric catching a breeze and rippling out all around him.  Very Darth Vader-y.  :)

oooh, shiny. 

Olive-green microfiber "wool", a metallic jacquard fabric trim, gold flat braid, black gimp bars on the front, and Russian double eagle crest buttons.

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