24 January 2012

Meanwhile, In the Land of Me

I alternate sewing for Vasilii and myself, especially with War coming up in just over two months.  It terrifies me.  It shouldn't:  really, all we need is more stuff for him to fight in - couple more shirts, pairs of pants, etc. I have what I need, and we have all the camping stuff we could possibly want.*  All stuff I can bang out in an hour or three any time I have a minute.  But I won't be calm about it until it's all done and I can fret over the extras, hehe.

Anyway, now that the opashen is finished, I'm working on the blue velvet gown.  I cut it out tonight last night, and painted the sleeve linings.  Remember this?

Green with gold dots.  What I actually had was a lightweight silk-cotton blend suit lining fabric with NO dots...

I ended up going with the pearl button on the bottom, by the way.  They came in a couple of weeks ago, and they're lovely and sparkly. :)

...and some gold paint markers.  :o)

I'm disappointed that the velvet looks blackish here - it really sucks up light! It's not as dark as this, but not as bright as the sample picture above, either.

And, while I'm sitting here babbling into my blog, I'm...not sewing.  I'd better go get at least the sleeves put together.  But I will say this: I decided on the style/pattern, and ended up going later-period that I usually do, because I've fallen in love with late 1400s-early 1500s "transitional" gowns - not quite getting into Tudor-era stuff, but just before:

Dig the chick in purple throwing the gang signs for the photo. 

* All the camping stuff...except for the period tent I was planning to make, due to a tax refund FAIL of epic proportions.  I guess our first War will have to be in neon-green rip-stop nylon after all.  Sigh.


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