16 January 2012

Event Pics Yay.

Paparazzi-Madylyne at Crown Tourney over the weekend:

Green linen gown (with the raglan-style shoulder seams that I experimented with in December), white under-gown, and white silk veil made from the fabric I got from a friend in October.

The whole shebang was really comfy and easy to wear.  I'm pleased.  You can't tell in this picture, but the skirt is split up the sides so that I can (a) wear something neat underneath that shows, and (b) pin it up if I want to - I had one side of it pinned up with a pretty "amethyst" cloak pin (since I didn't wear my cloak OR the fancy new hood I made for myself at the last minute, since, true to form for Texas weather, it was actually hot in January!)

Also pictured:  NEW CAMERA!  No more cruddy phone-cam pics for this blog!  


Anyhow, I'll be wearing this green dress  at Candlemas over the aubergine gown with the pomegranate sleeves.   I'm working on a set of net cauls for my hair to wear with it, under this silk veil.  IF I get time, I may throw together something else for court that evening...but only if I get time.  If not I'll likely just wear the purple and green all day, or maybe just the purple during the day.  I haven't decided.

First, though, I'm working on that opashen for Vasilii, which I managed to get "halfway" done with in about two hours yesterday afternoon (cut out, body seamed together - the rest is just hems and trim and alllll the other finishing details).

More to come...


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