14 December 2011

The Green Experiment

I write this post late afternoon at work, on the last uber-busy Monday in a set of three.  I'm stuck waiting for things to print so that I can continue...and I find myself in need of a brain break.  SO.

In preparation for the fabulosity I have planned for Candlemas, outfit-wise, I whomped up a little sumpn-sumpn yesterday afternoon, in a mad frenzy of boredom and extra fabric.  There was a pattern alteration I'd been avoiding for two weeks, just sure it would take me at least that long to get it right.  I started yesterday on a whim...and finished the pattern in about fifteen minutes!  Yay!

All I did was take my stock côtehardie pattern and adapt the shoulder seams and shaping to a new line.  One more like the seams and neckline on this:

I love the eyelet arrangement, too! 

And here's how I did it:

(click for bigger)

The next step was to try the pattern with something wearable, to make sure it would function, so I grabbed a green sheet I had laying around that I bought a while back to use for linings or cheap, casual garb, and banged out a plain, casual dress.

front fit + shoulder seam

It's alright, serviceable even; though I think I'll play with the exact shape of the neckline some more.

So that's something else out of the way, as far as Candlemas planning goes:  the pattern is figured out, and I have nearly all the fabric I'll need.  I'm still not entirely sure where to go with the over-sleeves, since the fabric I ordered turned out to be the wrong color, but I'm working on that one.

We shall see.


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