27 December 2011

Halfway There!

...did that go to a Bon Jovi place for anyone else? Just me?  Okay.

Well, the aubergine linen gown is finished!

yes, it's the same picture. I forgot to get a new one.

This is actually the undergown to the outfit I'm putting together for Candlemas - which I've hinted at, but never fully discussed, mostly because I've been angry with this outfit, confused by it, disappointed with it, and I've gone back to the drawing board *3* times in the past two months.  And I still haven't decided entirely which design to go with:

L-R:  short sleeve, wide open front;  bell sleeve, front laced;  bell sleeve with semi-detached shoulder and side laced

At this particular moment, I'm leaning heavily towards the first one.  More of the undergown's sleeves show, open-front lacing looks awesome on me, and it will need a little contrast panel under the lacing on the outer layer (so as to cut down on the visually-confusing effect of two layers of lacing, while still allowing the lacing on the aubergine gown underneath to show at the top)...and I love those. :)  

In any case, the overgown is a forest green linen.  I think it'll look smashing with the aubergine underneath.  I suppose I'd better at least start cutting it out, since Candlemas is in *checks calendar* like 42 days.  o_o

Fabric-store.com's softened emerald


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