09 December 2011

A Herd of Boxen

At the aforementioned Yule Revel last weekend, we had a Largesse Competition, wherein each contestant made or otherwise provided a set of five things.  They could be five of the same thing, five related, or completely un-related things.  The person who's set was chosen as the winning entry got to choose an item from the entire table as her/his prize, and all the rest of the items went to fill the Barony's coffers, to be given out  by the Baron and Baroness as largesse and gifts to members of the populace in the coming year.

What a cool idea!

And, hey, guess what?  I won! :D  For my prize I chose a gorgeous pair of earrings made by a friend for the competition, in serpentine and pearls. :)

And, of course, I forgot to take a picture of them on the table at the event, so all I have are pics of them on my kitchen counter.

They're just $2-3 wooden boxes from the craft store, stained and painted with plain ol' furniture stain, acrylic craft paints, a Sharpie marker, a gold paint pen, a stain touch-up pen, and a can of matte-finish spray-sealant.

done, on my kitchen counter last week

the insides, painted

my favorite one, stain-penned border & sharpie/paint vines

second-favorite, design inspired by this 

gold paint marker + sharpie

stain pen wood tones

And of course, one had to be the Star of Ansteorra  :o) 

P.S. - Interested in seeing a video of the choral and musical performance I was a part of at the event?  It's on the blog I keep for the Choral Guild: http://bryngwlad-choir.blogspot.com/2011/12/yule-revel-performance-video.html


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