27 December 2011

DIY In Mundania, and This Week's Projects

Look, I made over my sewing room over Christmas weekend!!

Most of the work I did was in re-painting the room, the furniture, the shelves, and the closet; and in re-making my loooong sewing table.

Before + After, and lots more pics and info over at my other blog, where I keep all the DIY stuff.  :) 

Meanwhile, turns out, I loved the beige linen I used in the sewing room for the curtains so much, and had so much left over, that I'm working on a new shirt for Vasilii:

And I've been working on a plain gown for myself, in a really pretty, soft, aubergine linen (which is going to be the undergown for my outfit for Candlemas, though it can be worn on its own).  It's nearly done; all I have left to do is finish the embroidery on one sleeve and attach it, and it'll be ready to wear.  


And I'm still working on the embroidery on that bag, and I'm still working on the scroll I'm making for the competition in January, which I started nearly two weeks ago.  Eek!  


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