19 December 2011

November Month In Review, and Some Shiny Stuff

Late again!  At least I remembered.

November In Review:
  • Events: Tournament of the Cross/Three Orders in Rosenfeld
  • green velvet sleeves
  • painted/link sewing kit box
  • white linen braies
  • navy sleeves w/ cloth buttons
  • fancy pomegranate fabric ordered, rec'd, and wrong (not really, I'm just a dipsh*t)
  • brown liripipe hood
  • red côte/navy trim

Meanwhile, after a full day of fabric and hobby shopping Saturday (hee), I washed some gorgeous eggplant-colored fabric that I brought home, and threw together some jewelry components (the pendant and chain, and the earring drops were new; the rest of the hardware and beads I already had).  Candlemas Outfit Draft #4 is officially underway!  :) 

inspired in part by the necklace Inara wears
in the Firefly episode "Jaynestown"   :o)


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