20 December 2011

A Pomegranate Project

The fancy, wonderful, beautiful fabric that I ordered - the one that turned out to be a completely different color than I anticipated (because, as it turns out, I read the website wrong), is seeing some action after all.

It's gorgeous, and it feels so silky and soft.  It's linen, the design painted originally, and printed on the bolt. The pattern, as it turns out, is also quite a bit larger than I'd anticipated...again, because I read the website wrong.  Those were inches, not centimeters.  Far too large a print to use for sleeves, and have them make sense once they were all made up.

However, I've carefully extracted a small sample from the main piece, and am making myself a new purse. The giant pattern lends itself really well (I think) to a very small piece like this, since it highlights some of the fine details that may be lost on a larger project, when looking at the entire design as a whole.

vaguely purse-shaped (this is the back)

highlighting the major lines

This embroidery is relevant to Sweet Pea's interests. 

Some of the interior portions will be gold, and green.

And beaded, too, although I haven't decided
exactly how and where just yet. 

The best thing about period embroidery stitches, I've learned, is that they're all very easy and simple...which are the only kind I can actually *do*.  Heh.

More news as the situation develops.


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