03 January 2012

Blue Velvet


You know how long I've been lusting over a blue velvet gown, yes?  Well, GUESS WHAT!  Last time I was at Ikea, I happened across a pair of their SANELA curtains, in the as-is fabric bin...for twenty bucks.  Yes, that would be two blue cotton velvet curtain panels, 55x118" each, in perfect shape (aside from being a tad dusty from having been on display).

Can you say...

"Mariana" by John Everett Millais, 1850.

I thought you could!

And, actually, in the week since I got the curtains, I've been fleshing out the half-assed design I've had floating around ever since I got the idea:

...and I've changed like eight things since I posted this.

Blue velvet, olive-green silk lining with a gold printed design (sleeves, neckline), a gold (a) band around the bottom *or* (b) underskirt (or faux-underskirt), with bright silver buttons - I'm thinking with pearls or glass crystals, but I haven't decided yet.

At this particular moment, I'm thinking my sheer silk veil (which has yet to be hemmed, actually), and cauls...or not.  I'd have to make a set of cauls, and while it'd be easy and probably pretty fast, I really have enough on my plate right now.


I like all three.  Hm. 


But when, and....?  Hmm.



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