25 January 2012

Sleeve Babble

I managed to get one sleeve done for my blue velvet dress.  One.  Somehow it didn't exactly turned out as planned.  I altered and futzed and bitched, but I just couldn't get them working the way I wanted to.  And I didn't have enough fabric to cut new sleeves!  I could have pieced new ones, but...ugh, all those seams?  I hate doing that.

fu, sleeves!

But just in case, I checked my velvet leftovers, and it turns out I DID have enough fabric.  Whew!  I cut new ones, in a different shape/design, and new linings out of the old linings (so I won't have to paint the little gold dots on them all over again), and they're going to work perfectly.  YAY OMG!

This post brought to you by Very Little Sleep, a subsidiary of OMGWTFBBQ THUNDERSTORM and One Sick Dog, Inc.   Zzzzzzz. 


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