18 January 2012


Work on Vasilii's opashen proceeds apace.  And by "apace" I mean I'm about to burn the damned sleeves. But that's okay.



A set of things I threw together out of stuff I already had lying around the house. Except for the wooden bowl (of which there are two).  Not bad for a random box of stuff.


New set largely courtesy of World Market, which is just about my favorite store, hehe.  Their Rajasthani tablecloth and red napkins, and a pair of $1 spoons I found there on clearance the other day.  (Yes, the tablecloth is Indian.  Vasilii lives in the southeast of Russia, and ...brought it back from his travels. Yeah, that's it!)

there is, in fact, a spoon. two of them. 

Gold chargers (thrift store), the same silver candlesticks, and different goblets (thrift store).  And a red glass footed bowl and decanter, which I got from Etsy - it's Avon's "1895 Cape Cod" collection from 1982.  Totally not period.  But pretty, sparkly, and RED, which is what I wanted.  I heart them like burning.

plain glass water goblets, until I find something I adore
I do need new candles, though - that one in the picture is my only one left, LOL.  Also, with the terrible drought we had this year (the worst in 100 years!), and the resulting burn ban, we couldn't have candles at most event sites all year.  While certain situations call for real wax and flame, I've seen some really lovely battery-powered fakes this year during the burn ban. I'm thinking about getting some of those, too.



  1. I've been backreading through your blog for motivation and this post made me think of this which, of course, made me think of you. :)

  2. Oh, PRETTY!! I totally need that! :D


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