29 August 2012

To-Do List

Tonight, tomorrow, and this weekend:

  • Put on my Caerleon ensemble and take pictures for this blog! 
  • Pictures of the armor thing Vasilii and I made together, to show you
  • Pictures of the things I sewed last weekend that I haven't even told you about yet, because I suck at blogging sometimes  :) 
  • Try on all of my SCA outfits and see what fits and what doesn't
  • Get my poop in a group for the upcoming event season, which starts in one week:  inventory all my head gear, jewelry, accessories, and camping stuff, and make sure it's all organized and ready to go

Meanwhile, I know I don't normally share jokes and things here, but I could NOT pass this up:  

In fact, I LOL'd so hard, I made a [slightly less polite]  Serger version last night: 


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